TRE® GS Online

TRE® Group Supervision Online with Annette Kosak

Online Supervision Groups for Trainees and Providers :

  • £ 25 full price       (UK based Trainees and Providers)  
  • Chf. 50 full price  (Swiss based Trainees and Providers)

Regular Tuesday evenings 6.30 to 8.30 pm (GMT UK time) : 9 Feb – 9 March –  13 April – 11 May (NEW DATE)

Regular Thursday lunch times 12.30 to 2.30pm (GMT UK time) : 25 March –  29 April – 27 May (NEW DATE) 

Group shake followed by discussion on all things TRE, for Certified TRE Providers and Trainees. The goal is a creative space to explore TRE theory and practice.The sessions can form part of your Certification Process (NB please agree credits first with your TRE Mentor).

Content will vary but possibilities include (*)

  • Group shake and exercises led by Annette
  • Check in on learning progress during all stages of the Certification Process (Self Practice, Teaching Individuals, Teaching Groups)
  • Discussion of theory relevant to TRE
  • Demo sessions led by Annette
  • Learning from other Certified TRE Provider Trainees
  • Exploring personal process in response to self practice of TRE
  • Exploring learning edges when teaching individuals and groups
  • 50/50 group shake, half the group watches, the other half shake and then vice versa
  • Exploring clinical questions arising from real client experiences
  • (*) Format by Steve Haines (TRE College)

Who can attend ?

  • Certified TRE Provider Trainees with TRE College
  • Certified TRE Provider Trainees training on another accredited TRE for All, Inc course
  • Certified TRE Providers


please book at least 48 hours before the session